What is 4G Technology

wifi-297697_1280Welcome to 4G and LTE explained so what is 4G exactly I mean we’ve seen it on all sorts of carrier branding and commercials and stuff sometimes we see it on the back of our phones or on the front of our phones but there’s no real widely accepted definition of 4G so let’s try to explain that.

so as far as the name goes for G the G stands for a generation of wireless technology with each new generation you get significantly faster data speeds but it becomes incompatible with the previous generation so you’ll never see a 3G phone working on a 4G network and there are carriers that have both 3G and 4G networks like Verizon we’ll get to that in a second the first G the original G was the old analog cellular systems they were obviously super slow 2G moves to digital but they are still very slow somewhere around 10 to 200 kb per second the first iPhone was 2G fun fact right? 3G is a much faster digital and it starts at around 384 kilo bits per second.

4G systems like LTE and WiMAX claim to initially start out around 5megabits per second which is a lot higher than all the rest we’ve already seen but 4G isn’t just faster than 3G the 4G networks also tend to have a l more capacity than the 3G networks so you’re going to see a lot less bandwidth caps when you’re on 4G when you’re on 3G you tend to be limited and one on 4G you’ll see a lot more higher data plans but the complication that has people wondering what really is 4G is the fact that there are some really modern 3G networks like we’ll get to in a second that are actually faster than the beginnings of the 4G networks for example HSPA+ it’s really its 3G basically but it’s really fast 3G somewhere around 7 megabits per second.

it’s been evolved for so long idea runs on HSPA+ network and they plan to continue to evolve it to get it up to 30 megabits per second so instead of being left out of the 4G chatter that’s going to be the wave of the future they just figured they’d stamp a 4G sign on their HSPA+ network and just declare it 4G because who’s going to argue and one other difference between 3G and 4G since we haven’t mentioned it already is that in order to hop on the brand-new 4G network like I said it’s probably incompatible it is incompatible
with the 3G network you need one of those new 4G radios in our device and those are some very power hungry 4G radios this is why in the United States they pretty much haven’t seen any device any smartphone at all with both quad-core and 4G because that’s just way too much power for a single battery to handle phones these days have you know huge screens they have extremely fast RAM these great processors but to throw 4G on top of all that would be a huge power suck for the battery and that’s why we haven’t seen something like the HTC One X which is quad-core overseas come to the United States quad-core which is coming to the United States and you want to sell well you just got to put 4G in here and that’s why they’re saying I will make a dual-core and hopefully it

will have enough power last year today will we ever see a 4G quad-core device in the United States I don’t really know I did a little bit of a research on battery technology already and hopefully a battery tech and proves we’ll be able to see one maybe the galaxy s3 will be quad-core in the United States but I don’t really know yet I’m hoping maybe the next iPhone I don’t know competition is good
either way hopefully this video helped to explain 4G for you guys in just in case you were wondering LTE stands for long term evolution and HSPA stands for high-speed packet access I don’t really know why those are named that.

I hope you guys understand what is 4G technology, if you have any query please write it in a comment box.



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