Recyclebin Myth Everyone should know

Deleting something from computer does not mean that data is removed permanently from your computer,if you really think so, it means you are absolutely wrong with your own thought.

The file which you completely deleted from your computer even from recycle bin its not gone actually.Its icon may not in you computer but your data is still in your computer hard drive you must not aware of this fact.

Guys you need to understand there are many people in this tech world can restore your deleted data that you know very well,so how this is possible? Think about it if you deleted all the data from your computer how it is recovered  again?,it must be in your computer that why it can be recovered,There are many programs which help you to recover your deleted data.

So guys this post is very simple and short, that going  help you in terms of busting the myth and understanding the fact about deleting data from your computer

High Megapixel can not define the quality of camera it is a myth.

Now a days everyone is  surrounded with some technical myth and misconception and now its a part of everyday life,if we talk about windows to mac or i phone to android.we have lots of myth and trust me  there are many people across the world who are not aware of these myth and misconception but if you start knowing such technical myth this is going to help you everywhere in terms of buying any technical product and you can save little extra bucks.

I came up with 1 research ,In this post i am going to explain one popular technical myth we are surrounded with.i keep this post in very simple language.

Adobe Spark (6)

Good megapixel in camera =Very good camera quality.

Number of people have a very big misconception that the amount of megapixel in camera means the quality of camera is very good,this is the reason why we invest more bucks buying smartphone having high amount of megapixel in it,this is absolutely a myth and its really not matter amount of megapixel in camera.If we talk about DSLR its has  16 megapixel and in another hand take 16 megapixel smart phone so which one is better? definitely we will choose DSLR right?

So,lets come to the point,megapixel have nothing to do with camera quality,megapixel just gonna help you only in photo size and nothing more so quality of camera depend upon type of sensor used in it and size and its optics and processor plays key role in clicking good quality images,megapixel only help you in when you zoom in the images the image will be clear while zoom in.

So before you buy any product do some research will help you more to understand the truth behind myth.

I hope this post gonna help you a bit to understand the misconceptions about technical myth.Watch video